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Otsuka Square Magnifier WIDE Series
Otsuka Compact Magnifier Neolight 15x Series
Sylvac Optical Vertical Measuring Scan F60L
Otsuka Magnifier LED Illuminated LSKs-B Series
Otsuka Illuminated Magnifier Dimmer O-Light III Series
Sylvac Non-Contact Optical Measuring Scan F60
Otsuka Illuminated G-Clamp Magnifier SKK-F Series
Otsuka Magnifier LED Illuminated SKKL-B Series
Otsuka Illuminated G-Clamp Magnifier SKK-CF Series
Otsuka Desk Mounted Magnifier SKKL-D Series
Otsuka Desk Top Magnifier SKK-B Series
Otsuka Magnifier Boreloupe-F Series
Otsuka Magnifier Boreloupe-ST Series
Euromex Microsope 135x StereoBlue Series
Miruc Lens Barrel Optics With C-Mount Adapter
Sylvac Optical Measuring Machine VISIO 300 V3
Euromex Hand Spectroscope SP.5100
Euromex Novex Microsope B & B+ Series
Dino-Lite Backlight Illuminator BL-CDW
Dino-Lite Health-care Microscope Series
Euromex Fluorescence Microscope Oxion OX.3070
Euromex Loupe Table Magnifier 15x PB.5039
Euromex Loupe Table Magnifier 8x PB.5040
Euromex Polarimeter PM.5400
Euromex Triplet Loupe Achromatic Magnifier 20x PB.5033
Euromex Microscope NexiusZoom Stereo NZ.1902-P
EuroLED Microscope 60 Ring light LE.1972
Euromex Inverted Microscope Oxion Inverso OX.2253-PLPHF
Euromex Brightfield Microscope iScope IS.1153-EPL
Euromex Measuring Microscope 20x with illumination PB.5002