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Our terms of service page manage all use of the websites, conditions of our services and products as well. To help you understand our business policy, we intentionally format this 'Terms of Service' page with 'Frequently Asked Question' lay out. We host quantity of product, services and relevant informational content, all of which is contributed and shared in good intentions of serving you only with workable solutions.


Q: How to inquire the products?

A: Your inquiries shall be submitted to sales@lfc.com.sg for Singapore support and sales@lfc.co.id for Indonesia. Immediate follow up will be done through our sales department.

We are a brick and mortar company. You are welcome to visit our offices for a product quotation, pick up, demo or presentation with prior appointment if possible. Be advised that our Singapore office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 - 18:00 (GMT +8), and Indonesia office hours are from Monday to Friday 08.30 - 17.30 (GMT +7). We are closed on public holidays on respective countries, further notice through our newsletters or your designated contact.

Wherever you are, you can access information of our products and services on our websites and catalogs which are valid during the publications, however,  they are displayed accordingly for illustration purposes. Our product in respective websites; www.lfc.co.idwww.lfc.com.sg and www.dino-lite.com.sg, are an actual work on progress and may vary from time to time. Our pdf and printed catalogs and its content will be dynamically updated without prior notice. You can also request a quote at your convenience by filling out the form at each product link, by downloadable pdf link or simply asking your point of contact for printed catalogs.


Q: My Company is asking for quotation and we often refer to it on the next purchase, is LFC quotation acceptable for comparison?

A: Yes it is. our quotation for products or services are valid as being stated on each documents, after which the quoted price is no longer enforceable. Be advised that some quotes eliminate the need for a quotation expiration date by including a phrase advising that prices may be subject to change without notification.

Our official quotes and payment terms will be presented by sales department approval with a statement of the price for which goods or services will be supplied. When a quote is accepted, a contract is formed which binds our companies as your supplier to the details contained in the quote which may include:

Q: How about a survey and site visit or any pre arrangement?

A: In this ever-changing world, all you need is a workable and direct solution. We highly respect your non-disclosure agreement, hence, together with our principal, you can freely ask for appointment and brainstorming session with necessary samples and technical papers submitted beforehand.

We deliver you a comprehensive range of trusted solutions that conform to reputable and traceable international and national standard from ISO, DIN, JIS, NIST, UKAS, KAN and many more.


Q: What if I am a small workshop owners, hobbyist and interested in particular products?

A: No problem! We will process your inquiry. We serve your interest on our pinpoint solution regardless your scale of business. Either retail or contracts procurement, we serve our customer regardless the size of orders or how unique your demand may be. 

As with everything else, procurement in bulk can be an awesome way to both save money and save yourself trips to our offices as well. Unlike others, we are committed to grow with you and becoming your mutual partners in the long terms.


Q: What if I want to claim products which are endorsed by LFC but bought from different supplier?

A: We serve our customer with solution. In the real world, there is no manufacturer of precision tools and machinery that give a guaranteed to work for life, regardless of the way they were designed, used or routine that they have. We believe that there are solutions to every problems, all require a certain amount of time, budget and mutual effort based on negotiable terms. Our relationship to you as a trusted  partner in making solutions works, are binded by the rights and responsibilities that guide us through excellence. 

Kindly notice that, we at LFC will do our best in repairs and liaising with the affiliated principal. However, we cannot be held responsible for other suppliers’ misbehaving on similar products which we also offer. From time to time, our principal may also switch or change their claim, revoke our license to distribute and reject return policy without further notice. Extra charges and other visible costs such as; parts, labor and shipment may occur. We do committed on becoming your direct mutual partners responsibly with after sales services.


Q: What if mycompany needs calibration services or in need of upgrades and value added services on particular products?

A: Contact us! We serve our customer with warranty and technical support. Depends on the product, we process the claims and repair by on-site validation or other means necessary. To ensure and record the details of the faulty products, repair, return to vendors or replacement arrangements will be provided as agreed on post purchase documents. 

On certain products, such as; machinery, modifications, alteration, set up and training may be needed and provided separately. Be advised that additional labour costs or any pertinent cost may occur. Kindly communicate your need of our value added services beforehand for details.

We believe that to support you with a reliable calibration services and to provide you the confidence in the accuracy of calibration results, the measurements must have demonstrable traceability which are endorsed by neutral parties that we appointed, unless you have your own preferences or stated otherwise on the quotation document. All costs being implied on each quotation will be provided per inquiries.

Be advised that every product have their own improvement process which are done by respective manufacurer, hence, may be outdated and unavailable on certain period. In some cases, our principal may also discontinue our license, experience mergers, close of business, new affiliations or corporate development which may influence our services as their authorized distributor. For such circumstances, we will inform you whenever necessary through any possible communication channel and also provide replacement parts, accessories and upgrades for any or similar product which under our authorization license. We will support you to stay productive and competitive with our solution. Warranties and product support will be respected and informed accordingly.


For further details or other question regarding any of our product and services, kindly contact us at:


8 Ubi Rd 2, #03-01, Zervex 
Singapore 408538 
Tel: (65) 6749 9697 
E-mail: sales@lfc.com.sg

PT. LFC Teknologi Indonesia

Kawasan Industri Tunas Bizpark Tipe 11-F 
Batam 29461, Indonesia 
Tel: (62) 778 408 6403 
E-mail: sales@lfc.co.id