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We’re a team of young, hardworking, creative problem solvers, tinkerers, tech-geeks. We explore and experiment with new products, so that you don’t have to. You get products guaranteed to work. We work diligently to improve your business. We have been helping companies like yours with supplies in cutting tools, metrology, and machinery.

But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Regardless if you are a small workshop or a large manufacturer, you need the right tools and machinery to run your business. We take care of the complicated stuff and service your company, so you can focus on your job.

We make your life easier by providing technical consultation, product demonstrations and technical support. There are so many tools to choose from in the market. This is why LFC only works with the best principals directly. When you purchase products from us, it is as good as getting direct support from the principal. We create value for you even for the simplest things like providing prompt delivery and quick response to queries. Our obsession to build a reputable and trusted company drives us forward every single day.