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Baty Vision Systems - Venture VI-3030 CNC

Baty Vision Systems - Venture VI-3030 CNC

Venture VI-3030 CNC is devised by Baty to take the power of visual mesaurement, probe measurement, and joystick controller in a fusion software. Venture VI-3030 CNC is reflecting Baty's ingenuity by completely automating the dimensional inspection process one stage further. Now advanced features like scanning and best fitting can be done quickly without taking up the time of skilled operators. Baty Venture VI-3030 CNC allows operator to compare tolerance between mould or any  fabricated metal, ceramics, carbon composite workpiece with it's CAD blueprint. 

Baty Venture VI-3030 CNC is optimized with coordinate measuring machine CMM probe made by Renishaw's TP20 which is a compact 5-way, or 6-way, kinematic touch-trigger probe system. The two-piece design, comprising probe body and detachable stylus module(s), connected using a highly repeatable magnetic kinematic coupling. This provides the facility to change stylus configurations either manually or automatically without the need for requalification of the stylus tips, thereby giving significant time savings in inspection routines.

Initially, every Baty Venture VI-3030 CNC is supplied with a factory calibration certificate and after sales calibration for your longterm reliability.  Baty Venture VI-3030 CNC can be supplied with glass reference standard for field of view pixel calibration and verification of measurements.


Baty Vision Systems - Venture VI-3030 CNC system features:

  • Advance Tolerance and Error Mapping
    This model features Baty's powerful Fusion software with full 3D functionality. The measured part can now be dimensioned in all three projections showing true 3D results. Once the X-Z and Y-Z alignment and calibration is completed, every Venture goes through an error mapping process using a calibrated master grid as a reference. Any errors in X, Y, Xdy, Ydx and X-Y squareness are compensated and verified. The grid is then re-positioned in the Z axis and the process repeated to eliminate Xdz and Ydz errors.
  • Touch Probe 
    The popular Renishaw's Touch probe option often helps to solve complex 3D measurement applications. Baty's Fusion software allows the use of both touch probe and camera measurements in the same inspection so that features that are out of the camera's view can be measured without re-positioning the part. When programming using the touch probe, use only the minimum points required to define each element. Then simply edit in the optimum number of points for each element. The new probe path is then automatically created when the program is played, cutting down both programming and inspection time.
  • Visual Measurement
    As with all Ventures, a high precision zoom lens is featured as standard. This manual version has 6 preset zoom positions which provide a magnification range from approx. 30x -- 200x which can be extended with the use of auxiliary lenses. Each preset position is pre-calibrated enabling the user to quickly select the optimum magnification for each measurement and continue measuring.
  • Easy Reporting 
    In addition to a graphical representation of the measured part, detailed reports can be instantly created showing the feature name, nominal dimension, actual, error, upper and lower limits and a green pass or red fail label for each measured dimension in tabulated format. Geometric tolerance details can also be displayed along with a thumbnail view of the part and batch/customer information. The entire report can be duplicated as an Excel workbook for email.


Baty Vision Systems - VI-3030 CNC standards:
• Teach and Repeat programming
• Programmable segmented LED lighting
• High resolution 0.5µm scales for increased accuracy
• CAD import / export 
• Scanning & best fitting
• Fully dimensioned part view
• SPC included
• One click output to Excel™
• Autofocus
• 165mm Z axis measuring range on adjustable dovetail slide
• 250mm x 125mm and 300mm x 300mm XY stages available
• Auto program from CAD


To serve your interest on Baty Vision Systems - VI-3030 CNC,

kindly contact our sales department.

Baty Vision Systems - VI-3030 CNC Dimension:

Baty Vision Systems - VI-3030 CNC Details:

X, Y, Z measuring range (mm) 300 x 300 x 165
Workstage area 464mm x 462mm
Max workpiece load (kg) 25
Drive type CNC / joystick
Bearings Cross roller rail guide
Max drive speed 200mm / sec
Camera type 2048 x 1590 pixel colour USB2 camera with 8 x 9mm chip and dynamic latch
Optics / lighting 6.5:1 detent zoom lens. Fully programmable software controlled white LED segmented surface lighting head with understage and through the lens (TTL) lighting as standard
Resolution 0.0005mm
Accuracy 2+L / 100
Max field of view (FOV) 16mm using optional 0.5x adapter lens
Touch probe option available Yes
Probe type Renishaw TP20
Change rack compatible? Yes


Baty Vision Systems - VI-3030 CNC Ordering Guide:

Code No.Description
3030-X-Y Stage upgrade to 300mm x 300mm
AB3-V-CNC Venture CNC with Fusion 3D software, 250mm x 125mm stage, incl. PC and 2 x 19" Monitors
TP-20 Kit Touch probe kit incl ref ball, module and stylus


To serve your interest on Baty Vision Systems - VI-3030 CNC,

kindly contact our sales department.

Product Features

Built to last

The Venture range of products are designed and built at Baty's Burgess Hill factory in England. The latest 3D modelling techniques were used to optimise the new base / column design to ensure stability.