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Kordt Concentricity Tester Axicord 6322

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Kordt Axis Tester Axicord 6322 is devised as a multi-gauging unit with modular versatility on inspection of horizontal shaft, cylindrical bar, crucial fastener and threaded rod. Kordt Axicord 6322 offers practical run-out measurements on horizontal stance at much better precision than visual inspection with profile projector or bench center. The thread axis examined is  defined as an axis of a cylinder that covers the pitch diameters over the whole thread length.

Kordt Axicord 6322 works by clamping the tested workpiece horizontally on a sets of roller which secure it on place then manually turning the knob wheel as the measuring dial indicator indicates the run-out of the inspected workpiece. You simply define whether the workpiece is acceptable or not by judging the measured readings from the axial or radial run-out on a work-piece with an internal thread in relation to the thread axis. Furthermore, you can also run improvised sequence of testing, thanks to its modular platform, with other accessories such as digital display and capacitive probes to enhance the versatility of the instrument at any given angle. Kordt Axicord 6322 also provide PC connectivity for statistical data feed on spreadsheet and traceable measurement record for your clients. You can also attach microscope or other magnifying means to check the surface of the workpiece or for optical measuring as well.

Your investment on Kordt Thread Tester Axicord 6023 will allow you to quickly determine the reference axis of threads with geometrical forms as the work-piece will be fixed in the tapered thread receiving device. You can use this practical device to gauge any workpiece's thread grooves, push rod's ovalities, helical gear pitches and critical cylindrical concentricity components, such as aerospace drive shaft, electrical motors, drills and cutting tools, automotive shafts, medical device, connectors, dental screws and implants, hydraulics parts, rollers, turbines parts, CNC turned parts, etc.

Kordt Axis Tester Axicord 6322 Features:

  • Simple and economical for inspection for both one off threaded workpiece or mass produced helical shaft.
  • High Precision and wear resistant due to tungsten carbide anvil.
  • All KORDT measuring instruments can be linked to computers, and will accept all standard inductive and incremental probes.
  • Highly compatible with your selected dial gauges and combination with  Sylvac Digital indicator S_Dial WORK ANALOG
Product Features

Customer value

Kordt is listed among few precision gauging innovators who accredited with DAkkS' standard of accuracy. Kordt also provides calibrating service and specialized in tapered & straight thread measurement gauges, API Gauges, ISO, ANSI & ASME Thread Measurement and Engineering software as well.

Built to perform

Since 1947, KORDT GmbH & Co. KG innovates measuring equipment and semi or fully automatic checking fixtures. KORDT offers a comprehensive standard elements ranges from carbon fiber precision comparator to motorized taper with torque control for the ultimate precision with practicality.

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