Join LFC for a free Webinar on Dot Peen Marking!

July 07, 2020   |   In Machinery


Dot peen marking is one of the most popular marking technologies to ensure the traceability of the manufactured products. Because dot peen marking systems are particularly suitable for the permanent marking of any surface material, the technology is also widely used in automotive, aerospace, agricultural machinery, the oil & gas industry, metal working industries, electronics components, transportation and logistics industries, construction equipment, and many more.

Compared to other technologies dot peen marking technology have numerous advantages, they are cost effective, requires no consumables, provide high speed accuracy marking, can mark any metal (including hardened steel) and electromagnetic machine do not need compressed air.

For over 30 years SIC Marking has provided the best and widest range of machines in the market in this category. During the seminar, we will introduce SIC machine range, the advantages per machines and explain for which application it is suitable and will proceed to live marking demonstration.

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