LFC Exhibition report on the MTA 2015

May 03, 2015   |   In Events


Thank you for visiting us at MTA 2015. We hope to hear from you.


Exhibition report on the MTA 2015

With over 12,000 trade attendees participating, the MTA 2015 continued to be one of a platform for LFC to serve your business need of precision engineering and metrology solution. It was a pleasure to greet you in person and introduce our latest products together with our principals.

Brand Highlights:
Chennai Metco - Finest products for microstructure analysis
Chennai Metco products are well-regarded around the world by leading manufacturers such as Boeing, Mercedes, Honda and many more for its high quality and competitive pricing.

A specialist in microstructure analysis solutions, Chennai Metco is able to provide the full range of metallography equipment and accessories, manual and auto machines, and workpiece jigs for your application.
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Behringer - The experts in bandsaw machines
Behringer GmbH is a German company specializing in bandsaw machines for built to last productivity and precision quality.

As a Partners 4 Steel member (P4S), we are able to meet your needs for turnkey installations that combine machining, sawing and shot blasting equipment, and automated in-feed and out-feed systems.

Behringer Bandsaw Key advantages:
  • By forging the cast iron base of its machines in-house, Behringer is able to achieve unparalleled stability, allowing for extremely straight cuts and reducing material wastage
  • Servo motor drives with intelligent downfeed pressure adjustment system increases blade lifetime and faster cuts
  • Able to handle super-alloy materials even with an entry level machine
  • High level of safety and operator-efficient controls and blade changing system
*New* Product highlights:

The Behringer quick-change device for chip brushes fits on all Behringer bandsaw machines equipped with an M12 shaft. Designed with a new fitting mechanism, no tools are needed, saving time and increasing convenience.
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CETA - Unrivaled quality in leak detection 
CETA Testsysteme GmbH has been producing physical test devices for the measurement of leaks and flow rates for over 25 years. Throughout the world several thousand CETA test devices are already in use and  integrated in many industrial applications, mainly for quality control within the manufacturing process in fully automated production lines.

Using the most sensitive and reliable sensors, CETA test devices are highly accurate and consistent in testing results. The affirmation of quality is evident in our customers choosing CETA in all their worldwide production facilities.

*New* Product highlights:

  • Compact and cost effective
  • Easy program configuration
  • Gauge pressure sensor
  • Pressure loss measurement test mode
  • Up to 8.000 bar test range
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