Magafor Tools to create your Success

March 13, 2020   |   In Sawing

Magafor manufactures more than 250 product groups of mini cutting and detailed toolings solution in Europe. Magafor is specialized in manufacturing micro toolings so that they have specific design for every machining applications.

Magafor have produced even the smallest drills of 0.40 mm diameter micro end-mill which are available in 26 different lengths and designs. Magafor styles, materials and lengths can also be custom-ordered to meet various application within specific machining technique.

Magafor specializes in Center/Spotting Drills, Multi-Function Tools, Countersinking, High Precisio Micro & Miniature Reamers, Micro End Mills.

Magafor's product range :

  • Center/Spotting Drills
  • Multi-Function Tools
  • Countersinking
  • High Precision Micro and Miniature Reamers
  • Micro End Mills


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