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Kordt Thread Testing Machine Cordivit 5950/52

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Kordt Thread Testing Machine Cordivit 5910 is devised for precision testing of external and internal threads. With its compact form factor, this semi automatic gauging tool works similarly with plug gauges only with motorized and highly controlled torque for easy application on internal thread testing. This practical device is available in two performance categories for nominal diameters of 3 mm up to 60 mm. The drive is mounted in a stable cast housing and the working spindle is assembled in an axially floating bearing. In stand-by mode the spindle rotates at slow speed. As soon as the first pitch is screwed in, the workpiece is lightly pressed towards the machine. Spindle speed increases until full thread depth is reached or the gauge locks. Pulling the workpiece the gauge starts to screw out. If required, a holder for the workpiece can be mounted onto the machine - this is recommended especially for small components.

Optionally, torque control clutch, foot switch and supplying support are available to be included with this machine. For its specifications, it has a maximum of torque of 6 Nm, with its nominal diameter that ranges from 10-60 mm. They are equiped with a patented screw-in-assistance which simplify the tricky process of finding the start of the workpiece thread, especially with softer materials like aluminium which is prone to scratches and mis-match.

Your investment on Kordt Thread Testing Machine Cordivit 5950/52, together with the precise torque control, will provides additional protection for the workpiece thread. For cleaning appliation of the thread a dirt groove can also be added. For testing external threads a GO thread ring gauge is used. Be advised that for improvised application as a testing bench, Kordt Cordivit 5916 can only be used in conjunction with the Kordt Cordivit 5950/52 torque-lock device. Analog and digital dial gauges can be used. Measurement results can be sent via wireless interface to computer (optional). Kordt Cordivit is highly regarded for repetitive testing and maintenance of thread, quality control room and machine workshop in restoring used machines and combustion chambers, precision frames and many more.

However, if you are looking for handy tap and thread precision comparator with versatile application as a thread cleaner, you might also wants to consider Kordt Thread Testing Machine Cordivit 5910.

Kordt Thread Testing Machine Cordivit 5910 Features:

  • Suitable for repetitive testing, repair and maintenance of thread on busy queues.
  • Ergonomic and cordless with rechargeable batteries which support hands on application on workpiece with difficult angle.
  • High precision torque controls and turns can be achieved without damaging the thread pitches.
  • Practical rocker switch for fast screw in and screw out application.
  • Two speed level and suitable for right and left hand thread types.
  • Flexible L-shaped handles with automatic dead-lock clutch.


Product Features

Customer value

Kordt is listed among few precision gauging innovators who accredited with DAkkS' standard of accuracy. Kordt also provides calibrating service and specialized in tapered & straight thread measurement gauges, API Gauges, ISO, ANSI & ASME Thread Measurement and Engineering software as well.

Built to perform

Since 1947, KORDT GmbH & Co. KG innovates measuring equipment and semi or fully automatic checking fixtures. KORDT offers a comprehensive standard elements ranges from carbon fiber precision comparator to motorized taper with torque control for the ultimate precision with practicality.

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