Wireless Digital Microscope - Easier and Portable Use

April 23, 2024   |   In Microscopy

wireless digital microscope

Imagine ditching the wires and experiencing the freedom of a wireless digital microscope. This innovative technology allows you to easily capture and share high-quality magnified images.

Benefits of Wireless Digital Microscopes

A wireless digital microscope integrates a compact digital camera capable of capturing images either through a Wi-Fi streaming system or by connecting to a wireless network.

Leveraging wireless network technology, these microscopes enable versatile and flexible observation, facilitating seamless image transmission and boasting extended battery life, making them ideal for fieldwork.

The Dino-Lite AF series is a prime example of a wireless digital microscope, engineered for both safety and efficiency, with the added convenience of easy conversion to USB connectivity.


How to Turn Dino-Lite into a Wireless Digital Microscope?

To transform the Dino-Lite into a wireless digital microscope, simply follow these steps: simultaneously press the two buttons located on the side of the Dino-Lite AF Series, then gently detach the USB connection adapter.

Mikroskop digital dengan adapter USB

Next, link the Dino-Lite AF Series with the Dino-Lite WF-20 Wi-Fi adapter, ensuring that both devices' logos are aligned on the same side during installation.

Mikroskop digital nirkabel

Read more at https://www.dinolite.sg/blog/how-to-connect-wf-20-to-dino-lite-af-series-microscopes/


Advantages of Wireless Digital Microscope

1. Versatility in Connectivity

This device offers both wired and wireless functionality. Utilize it with a USB cable, connecting seamlessly to your laptop or PC, providing access to full software features. Alternatively, it operates wirelessly through the integrated WF-20 Wireless adapter.

2. High-Quality Features

Experience magnifications of up to 220x, accompanied by premium functionalities such as EDOF focus-stacking, EDR contrast-stacking, AMR magnification readout, FLC-enhanced LED control, and more. Long Working Distance (LWD) models are also available to cater to diverse needs.

3. Adaptability in Use

Whether with cables or without, leverage Dino-Lite Connect for inspections in challenging environments, such as factories, fieldwork, workshops, and more, offering the utmost flexibility in application.

4. Sleek and Portable Design

Crafted with top-tier components akin to leading microscopes, it maintains a compact, patented design, ensuring portability without compromising performance.

5. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Enjoy compatibility across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows, through Dino-Lite Connect, tailoring your setup to your specific requirements. Moreover, the WF-20 Wireless Module facilitates simultaneous streaming to multiple devices, ideal for production settings.


Example of a Wireless Digital Microscope

1. AF3113T Dino-Lite Basic Wireless Digital Microscope

AF3113T Dino-Lite Basic Wireless Digital Microscope.jpg

The Dino-Lite AF3113T Grey/White model is tailored to accommodate various applications, offering magnifications ranging from 10x to 50x, up to 230x, along with LED brightness control. Its innovative modular-wireless design permits a seamless transition between USB connection and a rapid switch to Mobile WiFi with the optional WF-20 adapter, rendering it a versatile, cordless, and portable microscope solution.

While lacking a polarization feature, the AF3113T remains fully compatible with the professional DinoCapture software, which is available as a free update. This software enables users to capture, store, and analyze images and videos, as well as facilitate information retrieval and measurements.

2. AF4915ZT Dino-Lite Edge Wireless Digital Microscope

AF4915ZT Dino-Lite Edge Wireless Digital Microscope

The Dino-Lite Edge AF4915ZT (1.3MP) is meticulously crafted to cater to a wide array of professional applications, offering magnifications ranging from 20x to 220x. Boasting advanced functionalities such as EDOF, EDR, AMR, and FLC features, along with exceptional image clarity, the AF4915ZT stands out as one of the most versatile offerings in the Dino-Lite lineup.

With the option to interface via the WF-20 (Optional), the AF4915ZT can seamlessly transform into a wireless microscope, perfectly suited for field applications, thus providing enhanced flexibility and mobility.

3. AF4115ZTL Wireless Digital Microscope

AF4115ZTL Wireless Digital Microscope

The Dino-Lite 1.3 MP AF4115ZTL excels in long-range observations. Supporting connectivity to the WF-20, a Wi-Fi streamer, users can seamlessly link the microscope to mobile devices wirelessly. This model is also offered in a white variant.


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