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Ojiyas Thread Ring Gauge

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Ojiyas limit gauges for screw threads are provided in the same class as the standard screws. The GO and NO-GO limit gauges are used to check the accuracy of the threads. The workpieces are inspected to ensure they are within the upper and lower limit of deviations and tolerances.

Ojiyas Screw Threads limit gauges are used corresponding to the various screws such as meter screw, bicycle screw, uniļ¬ed screw, sewing machine screw, etc. The limit gauges are segmented into ISO-based JIS and conventional JIS (for inspection and production use). According to JIS, outside diameter of the male screws are basically measured using plain ring gauge or snap gauge and inside diameter of female screws are measured using plain plug gauge. By using such gauges, the complex element of the screw can be inspected easily and quickly. Therefore, such gauges are effective in controlling the quality of the workpieces in mass-production line.

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Since 1966, OJIYA SEIKI is comitted towards devising the practical precision processing technologies which are durable and reliable. OJIYAS is the total solution towards precision measurement that will drive you to win the global competition.

Customer values

OJIYA SEIKI empower your fabrication quality control as the latest technology demands for compact machinery with ultimate precision. Every OJIYAS product are not only certified by the Japan quality assurance but also by the ISO9001:2000 on quality management and the ISO14001:2004 on environmental certification

Ojiyas Screw Threads

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