BEHRINGER Bandsaws & Circular Saws: Engineered for Efficiency

April 15, 2024   |   In Sawing

BEHRINGER isn't your average saw company. They specialize in high-performance bandsaws and circular saws designed to tackle even the most demanding metalworking jobs.  With a wide range of models boasting various features and specifications, BEHRINGER equips you to conquer any cutting task, from heavy-duty industrial applications to more manageable projects.

This article delves deeper into the BEHRINGER brand and explores the exceptional saws they offer.

A Brief History of the Company

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BEHRINGER's heritage stretches back to 1919 when they began crafting agricultural equipment. Their focus shifted in 1945, and they became a powerhouse in the world of sawing technology.

Today, BEHRINGER continues to innovate, prioritizing the needs of its customers. Their commitment to precision, efficiency, and reliability ensures they deliver exceptional cutting solutions across diverse industries.

BEHRINGER, a German manufacturer with over a century of experience, has established itself as a global leader in sawing technology. Their expertise lies in top-notch bandsaws and circular saws, incorporating modern and sophisticated advancements. BEHRINGER's reach extends worldwide, including Indonesia and Singapore, where LFC PTE LTD is proud to be one of its distributors.

BEHRINGER's Advantages Compared to Other Brands

BEHRINGER cuts above the rest with a winning combination of advanced technology and exceptional engineering.

1. Technological Edge

  • CNC Control System: Achieve unmatched precision and accuracy in every cut.
  • Servo Drive: Experience smooth, efficient operation for effortless control.
  • Integrated Cooling System: Maintain optimal engine temperature for peak performance and extended tool life.
  • Optimization Software: Minimize material waste and maximize efficiency with intelligent cutting recommendations.
  • Roller-Supported Saw Table: Handle long and heavy materials with greater ease and control.

2. Built to Last

  • Robust Machine Design: BEHRINGER machines boast a rock-solid construction for unwavering stability and years of reliable use.
  • High-Quality Components: Experience superior durability and minimize downtime with top-tier components.
  • Extensive Selection: Find the perfect saw for your needs with BEHRINGER's comprehensive range of bandsaws and circular saws.

BEHRINGER Product Categories

Below are some of the main product categories offered by BEHRINGER:

1. Bandsaw Machine

bandsaw machine BEHRINGER

BEHRINGER bandsaws are designed to conquer even the toughest metalworking challenges.  These high-performance machines deliver exceptional speed and efficiency when cutting steel, metal, and other hard alloys.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need:

BEHRINGER doesn't offer a one-size-fits-all approach. They provide a diverse range of bandsaws, categorized to perfectly match your specific requirements.  Here's a breakdown of their lineup:

a. Horizontal Bandsaws

Workhorses for various cutting tasks. They handle a wide range of thicknesses, shapes, and diameters with impressive performance, all while saving space and prioritizing user-friendliness. Their robust design with cast components minimizes vibration for cleaner cuts.

b. Horizontal Miter Bandsaws

Precision personified. These machines excel at intricate bevel cuts, making them ideal for steel construction and profile steel applications.

c. Vertical Bandsaws

Designed for economic and precise cutting of solid plates or bars. They come in various sizes, from compact models with movable tables to larger options suited for substantial materials.

d. Large Bandsaws

Powerhouses for tackling massive materials. These giants can cut through slabs, cast blocks, and freeform forgings with ease. They also boast a modular design concept, allowing for customization to suit your specific needs.

e. 3D Saws

Precision cutting for the 3D printing revolution. The 3D series cuts printing plates up to 1200 x 1200 mm with unmatched accuracy, ensuring neither the plate nor the printed components are damaged.

f. Swing Frame Bandsaws

Designed for workshop flexibility. These bandsaws prioritize ease of use, making daily cutting tasks a breeze.

2. Circular Saw Machine

Circular Saw machine BEHRINGER.jpg

BEHRINGER EISELE takes metal mastery to the next level with its high-performance circular saws.  These specialized machines conquer stel and non-ferrous metals, delivering exceptional cut quality and durability in seconds.

Tailored Cutting Solutions

BEHRINGER EISELE understands that every cut is unique.  That's why they offer a range of circular saws designed to meet your specific needs:

a. Vertical Circular Saws

These robust saws prioritize user-friendliness and reliability, making them ideal for workshops and factories. Choose from semi-automatic or fully automatic models for a perfect fit.

b. Up-Stroking Circular Saws

Flexibility meets precision. These saws boast versatile miter-cutting technology for various metals and offer adjustable automation levels. They come in three options: semi-automatic, semi-automatic for bent pipes, and fully automatic.

c. High-Performance Automatic Circular Saws

Efficiency redefined. These specialized saws deliver lightning-fast cycle times and exceptional cutting performance, maximizing your output.

d. High-Performance Aluminum Circular Saws

Aluminum and non-ferrous metals meet their match. These saws prioritize achieving the best possible surface quality, ensuring flawless results.


1. Behringer High-Performance Automatic Bandsaw HBM440A
Behringer High-Performance Automatic Bandsaw HBM440A

2. Behringer Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaws HBE560
Behringer Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaws HBE560

3. Behringer Vertical Semi-Automatic Circular Saw Machine VMS Series
Behringer Vertical Semi-Automatic Circular Saw Machine VMS Series

4. Behringer Circular Cold Saw Machine Eisele HC S Series
Behringer Circular Cold Saw Machine Eisele HC S Series

BEHRINGER Distributor in Indonesia

LFC PTE LTD is your one-stop shop for BEHRINGER's high-performance bandsaws and circular saws in Singapore.  Our expert team can help you find the perfect sawing solution to meet your specific needs.

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