Kinkelder Circular Saw Blades: Designed for Cutting Metal

March 25, 2024   |   In Sawing

Circular saw blades play a vital role in the metal cutting industry, particularly for tackling tough steels.  Standing out from the crowd, Kinkelder has earned a long-standing reputation for its innovative, high-quality saw blades.

Let's delve into the Kinkelder brand, exploring their products and the advantages they offer.

A Brief History of the Company

kinkelder circular saw blades

Kinkelder's journey began in 1945, crafting agricultural spraying equipment. By the early 1960s, they saw an opportunity and diversified into saw blades, establishing their manufacturing plant for HSS blades in 1964.

Kinkelder's ambition didn't stop there.  Since the mid-90s, they've pushed beyond commodity tools, building a strong reputation for application-based cutting technologies. Today, Kinkelder is a recognized brand for high-performance circular saw blades, and a trusted partner in industries like automotive, aerospace, and beyond.

This rewrite tightens the language, emphasizes key milestones, and showcases Kinkelder's evolution and expertise.

Dutch Roots, Global Reach

Kinkelder, a Dutch manufacturer of circular saw blades, has established itself as a trusted brand worldwide. Their extensive distributor network ensures their blades reach customers in various countries, including Singapore where LFC PTE LTD is a proud distributor.


Advantages of Kinkelder Circular Saw Blades

Kinkelder stands out from the competition by prioritizing quality and performance. Here's how their saw blades deliver superior results:

1. Unmatched Precision.

Kinkelder adheres to rigorous international standards and utilizes cutting-edge technology. This translates to blades crafted with advanced materials and innovative designs, ensuring clean and accurate cuts – ideal for applications demanding tight tolerances.

2. Versatility for Every Job.

Kinkelder offers a comprehensive range of circular saw blades to tackle diverse industrial cutting needs. Whether you're working with solid metal, pipes/tubes, or intricate profiles, there's a Kinkelder blade perfectly suited for the task. This flexibility empowers you to choose the optimal blade for maximum efficiency.

3. Expert Support for Peak Performance.

Kinkelder goes beyond just selling blades. They provide exceptional technical support to their customers. This includes valuable advice on selecting the most appropriate saw blade for your specific application, along with helpful tips on saw blade maintenance. This ensures you get the most out of your Kinkelder blades, maximizing their performance and lifespan.

By combining top-tier quality, unmatched versatility, and expert support, Kinkelder circular saw blades empower professionals across various industries to achieve superior cutting results.


Kinkelder's Diverse Saw Blade Arsenal

Kinkelder equips you with the right tool for the job by offering a variety of circular saw blade categories:

1. TCT Circular Saws

Kinkelder's TCT blades are designed to dominate metal-cutting challenges.  Tungsten carbide, a tough and wear-resistant material, reinforces the teeth, making them ideal for tackling solid steel, steel bars, and steel tubes.  These blades deliver smooth, precise cuts even at high speeds, minimizing downtime for blade changes.  Furthermore, their impressive wear resistance extends their lifespan and reduces replacement costs.  For applications requiring durability and clean, fast cuts in metal, Kinkelder's TCT blades are a clear choice.

a. TCT Flying Cut-Off

TCT Flying Cut-Off

Kinkelder's TCT Flying Cut-Off blades are designed specifically for flying cut-off machines, conquering the challenges of high-speed metal processing.  These blades excel in various industries where clean, precise cuts on metal materials are crucial at rapid speeds.  They integrate seamlessly with flying cut-off machines, allowing for efficient and accurate operation in sectors like steel pipe manufacturing, where clean cuts are vital in high-production environments, and rolling mills, where consistent performance and results are paramount during demanding cutting processes.

Some examples of products from the Kinkelder TCT Flying Cut-Off category are TCT SPEEDMASTER, TCT SCARFMASTER, TCT TubeMaster, and TCT TubeMaster Stainless.

b. TCT Tube

TCT Tube

Kinkelder's TCT Tube blades are specifically designed for high-performance cutting of tubes and pipes. They excel particularly well with stainless steel tubes, ensuring clean and precise cuts. Within the TCT Tube category, Kinkelder offers a range of options to suit specific needs, including the TCT CHAMPION TL, TCT CHAMPION TH, TCT CX 3, and TCT CX 4. This variety allows you to choose the perfect blade for your application, maximizing efficiency and cut quality in your tube and pipe-cutting operations.

c. TCT Solid 

TCT Solid

Kinkelder's TCT Solid blades are engineered to tackle the challenge of cutting solid metals in high volume.  These blades excel at working with steel bars, profiles, billets, and various solid forms of stainless steel.  They ensure clean and efficient cuts even when dealing with large quantities of material.  Within the TCT Solid category, Kinkelder offers a variety of options like the TCT CHAMPION SL, TCT CX 1-M, TCT CX 1-H, and TCT CX 7. This selection allows you to find the perfect blade for your specific solid metal cutting needs, maximizing both efficiency and cut quality throughout your operations.

2. HSS Circular Saws

Kinkelder's HSS circular saw blades leverage the strength of High-Speed Steel (HSS) to deliver exceptional performance.  A key advantage of HSS is its ability to retain sharpness even under high temperatures. This makes HSS blades ideal for tackling various metals, steel, and other hard materials where maintaining a clean cut is crucial.

a. HSS Standard

HSS Standard

Standard HSS saw blades are used for cutting tubes and solid materials on manual and semi-automatic saw machines. Some examples of products from the Kinkelder HSS Standard category, namely HSS FERNOX, HSS SOLAR, HSS ALPHA

b. HSS Advanced

HSS Advanced

Kinkelder's HSS Advanced line of saw blades is specifically engineered to conquer tough materials at high cutting speeds. This range caters to applications where both strength and efficiency are crucial. Within HSS Advanced, Kinkelder offers a variety of options, including the HSS FUSION 2.0 known for its exceptional wear resistance on very hard steel, the HSS POWER 2.0 delivering powerful performance on various metals, the HSS FUSION NX for the ultimate combination of wear resistance and cutting speed, and the HSS POWER NX designed for maximum power and efficiency across a broad range of metals.

3. Segmental Saw Blades

Kinkelder's segmental saw blades offer a unique solution for heavy-duty metal cutting applications. These blades, ranging from 250mm to a massive 1610mm in diameter, are built for durability and easy repairability. Unlike traditional blades, segmental blades feature a core made of chrome vanadium steel with individually hardened and riveted tooth segments on the periphery. This innovative design allows for individual segment replacement after significant tooth damage, minimizing downtime and maximizing blade lifespan. This makes them ideal for industrial settings where heavy use and potential wear-and-tear are common.


Kinkelder Saw Blades in Singapore

LFC PTE LTD is proud to be the official distributor of Kinkelder in Singapore.  Our team of experts is here to help you choose the ideal Kinkelder blade for your specific application. We understand the importance of selecting the right blade to maximize efficiency and achieve clean cuts.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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