Laser Marking: A Simple Guide

May 09, 2023   |   In Machinery

laser marking machine

Laser marking is a functional machine required for use in various industries. The biggest benefit of laser marking is its practicality and precision workmanship. On top of that, this is also a process which does not use consumables.

Check out the following explanation about the laser marking machine.


What is a Laser Marking Machine?

A laser marking machine is a machine that can mark the surface of a material using a light beam (laser). Laser marking machines work without contact, so they don't cause abrasion damage to the material or cause unwanted effects around the marking area.


The Function of Laser Marking Machines

Laser marking machines function to mark the surface of several types of materials and surfaces. For example, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, wood, and plastic. Some common forms of marking produced by laser marking machines are data matrix codes, QR codes, and alphanumeric serial numbers. The markings done are produced with sharp contrast and permanent in nature.


Types of Laser Marking

Laser marking is divided into several types, such as:


1. Laser annealing

Laser annealing works by applying laser heat to the surface of the material. The heat effect causes a color change because it is oxidized. The marks produced by the annealing laser are solid black with a smooth surface. However, colors may also vary depending on laser temperature.

laser annealing

Laser annealing depth ranges from 20-30 microns. Metals that are processed with laser marking are titanium, steel, stainless steel, and iron.


2. Laser Discoloration

Laser discoloration works by changing the color/pigment of the material by heating the laser and producing a slightly raised surface known as foaming or frothing.

laser discoloration

Light / dark color changes depending on the composition of the ingredients. For example, on dark plastic, the results of the laser marking will be white, while on light-colored plastic, the results of the marking will turn gray or black. This change in color and foam only occurs in plastic.


3. Laser Engraving

Laser engraving works by vaporizing some of the material to reveal visible cavities 2.54-127 microns below the surface of the material. This process requires enough heat to vaporize the material in milliseconds.

laser engraving

One of the benefits is that it can produce high quality and accurate markings in a short time. This process is suitable for almost any type of metal, plastic, wood, leather, glass or ceramic.


4. Laser Etching

Laser etching works by melting the material causing it to expand and form cavities that rise above its surface to a height of 80 microns. This cavity forms a sign.

laser etching
Laser etching requires less energy than laser engraving and is a more economical option. This laser is used to mark various materials such as aluminum and steel.


How do Laser Marking Machines Work?

Laser marking machines work by using a focused laser beam to mark the surface of a material. The laser marking machine is controlled by software on a computer so that the laser beam precisely follows the designed pattern with fast duration and precise results.

The laser beam will be directed in one direction. When the beam interacts with the surface of the material, the laser energy will change the properties and appearance of the material through chemical and physical reactions including heating, melting, evaporation, and cold stripping. This is what creates a sign with a high degree of contrast.


Industries That Use Laser Marking

Laser marking is used by many industrial sectors, some of which are:

1. Medical Industry

The medical industry uses laser annealing and engraving machines for medical devices, internal tracking, and branding.

2. Automotive Industry

The automotive industry uses laser marking machines to create vehicle identification numbers (NIVs), keyboard decorations, and instrumentation panels.

3. Metal industry

The metal industry uses laser marking to mark products and make identification easier.

4. Advertising Industry

The advertising industry uses laser engraving type markings to create decorative motifs because it offers great flexibility for marking small motifs.


Laser Marking Products

1. Sisma Marking Laser LOGO Series

Sisma Marking Laser LOGO Series
Sisma's LOGO marking laser machine is devised as a basic line of precision class IV laser marking for economical value and user friendly application. Its compact enclosure is both innovative and intuitive. The sliding lid improve safety handling and practical approach in daily operation needed by small and medium rate of queue.


2. Sisma Laser Marker BIG SMARK BSP 200F - 700F

Sisma Laser Marker BIG SMARK BSP 200F - 700F
Sisma's BIG SMARK marking laser machine innovates the industry with 3 axis marking technology to provide versatile precision engraving or deep marking machine without worrying how to secure the workpiece in place.


3. SIC Marking L-Box Laser System